Welcome to PSSP’17

PSSP ’17 is a non-formal open meeting to exchange viewpoints and assessments of current psychosocial models to understand behavior and ask ourselves possibilities and strategies for maintaining and further developing these perspectives.

This meeting is open to up to 35 participants, based on their curriculum, position, level of interest expressed, and approach to share in the debates.

What are we proposing?

A space of two days of free but organized exchange between prominent and emerging professionals in the study and application of psychosocial models and theories from various European universities. This exchange is going to be structured around different activities:

  • conversations and debates on thematical axes, in which participants contribute with their experiences and research from specifical theoretical frameworks to analyze specific relevant social questions;
  • strategic decisions, in which we will analyse the current academic situation of social psychology, and will think about strategies to improve the chances of a multidisciplinary approach.
  • speed dating sessions, to facilitate the direct exchangebetween professionals and the emergence of common projects.

What do we offer?

  • Free registration (but with a commitment to contribute if sponsorship does not allow covering all costs)
  • No formal communications
  • Space for open debates to discuss crucial aspects of the past and future of social psychology, the academy and societies as well as more specific subjects about those issues related with participants’ interests
  • An online space to share knowledge and contributions
  • Accommodation for ‘key people’ (approx. Spain 5-6, UK 5-6, Greece and Portugal, 5-6), plus others universities (if needed).
  • Lunch Catering
  • Collective Dinner at an emblematic venue

If you are interested, see more details about our registration form and conditions

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